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Interactive Health is proud to now offer a virtual method to connect with our physiotherapists to all of our patients. We have temporarily suspended in person sessions to ensure that everyone can do their part to stay home until the serious public health emergency with Covid19 has officially ended.

Our online physiotherapy service will connect you with your physiotherapist over a virtual care session, accessible on either your smart phone or personal computer/laptop. This benefits, you, the patient, because you can continue to progress through exercise, manage pain, and build strength with the expert guidance of your physical therapy specialist.

Connecting this way can be used for assessing a new injury, or follow-up treatment sessions so that your physiotherapist can continue to guide you during your rehabilitation.

 This care method is not suitable for every person.

Existing patients at Interactive Health, please request an appointment and your physiotherapist will review your chart and decide if they can help you through virtual care sessions.

New patients will be asked to provide a little more information of their injury or pain issue, and this information will be shared with our care providers to determine if physiotherapy through virtual care is a good choice for you.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Virtual Care Session?

Virtual Care, also known as Telehealth, is an online therapy session where you and your physiotherapist communicate over a live video chat through the use of your smart phone or laptop/computer. This communication method has been used for many years by doctors and specialists to communicate with patients who are unable to attend for in-person visits.

I thought treatment had to be hands on to be effective?

Being focused on movement and exercise quality, our treatment plan is already well suited for Virtual Care Sessions. Physiotherapists have the ability to modify and correct exercises while still making modifications to your rehabilitation as necessary.

There do remain, some limitations that exist without the ability to conduct an in person and hands on assessment. However, our therapists can account for equipment that you may or may not have and change your treatment plan accordingly.

Are the Virtual Care Sessions Safe and Private?

Yes, all sessions are private. The requirements of Virtual Care Sessions are:

  • Sessions must be conducted in a private, dedicated area, where others can neither see, nor hear, the session.
  • Virtual Care sessions are subject to the same expectations for safety and quality of care as any other physiotherapy services.
  • Virtual Care sessions are subject to the Standard of Practice for Documentation and Record Keeping as in person visits.
  • Physiotherapists generate a record for each treatment or professional interaction completed, both in person and virtual care. Our patient records are kept in an electronic format.
  • Your Virtual Care Session is safe, and protects your privacy using encryption technology for any personal information or images that may be shared between you and your care provider on the platform.  Your online session will involve video, video chat, and may involve direct messaging, or photo uploads.  You will be asked questions about the nature of your symptoms as well as your health history, if relevant, including any medications you are taking. Please have this information available before you initiate the session.

Are Virtual Care Sessions covered by my Private Insurer, MVA Insurer or WCB?

COVID-19 is an unprecedented event which has brought great uncertainty. Insurance companies, and the Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta, have recognized the duration before safety restrictions can be lifted could take some time. They also recognize that our patients need to receive continued care. We will continue to update this list, to date these companies have approved Virtual Care Sessions:



WCB Alberta





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