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Alberta Ride To Conquer Cancer

Interactive Health & The 2013 Alberta Ride To Conquer Cancer

Attention All Ride to Conquer Cancer Riders!

Interactive Health is supporting your RIDE! If you are training hard and in need of physiotherapy or massage, we will donate $5 per treatment to help you CONQUER. (To a maximum of $50 per service, expires June 30, 2013)

We’re huge supporters of this great event and for the second year in a row will be sponsoring three riders near and dear to the Interactive Health family!

Shawna Galloway: Donate to her ride by clicking here.

Allyn Roemer: http://shar.es/e5Aca - Donate to Allyn’s 2013 Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer!

Cody Tritter: http://shar.es/e5k93 - Donate to Cody’s 2013 Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer!

Read about Cody’s first ride that he embarked on in 2012: http://www.codyjames.ca/2012/06/a-weekend-ill-never-forget-2012-enbridge-ride-to-conquer-cancer/ -

We pedaled, it rained, we pedaled harder, it rained harder. One of my team mates had brought a mountain bike (I was lucky to ride it for a while) letting him use my road bike for a break, but it was too much for him and at the 90km mark he had to be swept in. This is about the same time where the weather was clearly not on our side and was out to challenge us. My girlfriend Allyn was simply inspiring. The last 30KMs were some of the toughest parts of the entire ride, combining poor weather and hours upon hours of biking and we were really put to test! Allyn pushed hard and forced me to keep pace, it was exciting, challenging, and so rewarding finishing the day so strong.

For more information on the 2013 Alberta Ride To Conquer Cancer, please visit their site: http://ab13.conquercancer.ca/site/PageServer?pagename=ab13_homepage – Where you can support riders, read more about where the hard earned money goes, how you can volunteer without riding, and much more!

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