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Interactive Health Physiotherapy Clinic in Calgary is a proud supporter of our Northwest Crowfoot community.

Healthy eating is vital to living a long, healthy life. Our Physiotherapy clinic encourages clients to focus on making healthy food choices, especially in todays fast pace world.

A neighbour to our Physiotherapy clinic that offers a wide variety of healthy choices is Extreme Pita, we’ve partnered with the Crowfoot Extreme Pita to offer some added values for our patients!

Print off this coupon below for your next visit to the Extreme Pita in Crowfoot, start by moving away from the grease, eliminating the fat, and we hope with this coupon you choose the option of water and pita chips! Much healthier alternatives and one of the many small steps you can take to embark on a healthy eating journey!

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Our clinic is dedicated to continuously providing healthy life style articles, exercises and more. As a patient of our clinic you will also receive access to our ‘Patients Login’ where you can observe exercise techniques from the comfort of your home!

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