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WCB Calgary Work Injury

Injured at Work??

Workers’ Compensation Board & Workplace Injuries

If you are injured at work:

For work-related injuries, the Workers’ Compensation Board Alberta (WCB) pays for an

initial physiotherapy examination and the first treatment. A referral from your doctor is not

necessary. Further physiotherapy treatment is only approved once your claim is accepted. If

approved, the WCB may authorize physiotherapy treatment for up to six weeks. The length of

the treatment time varies depending upon your injury. Check with the WCB to determine the

physiotherapy treatment authorized for your claim.

Interactive health is a certified Workers’ Compensation Board provider.

Accidents happen all the time, they take a serious toll on the body, and recovery can take

some time.

It is imperative to report a work place injury to your employer immediately. If you are not

sure, report it to WCB directly, this can be done online, by phone or fax.

Reporting an Injury Video Demo:


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