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Verify a Physiotherapist

Why verify your physiotherapist is registered?

Only registered physiotherapists may use the title physiotherapist, physical therapist or abbreviation PT. To ensure safe, effective and quality care, anyone using these titles in Alberta must be a registered physiotherapist.

Only qualified professionals can become registered physiotherapists. To become registered, physiotherapists must:

  • Meet the required education standards.
  • Pass the Physiotherapy Competency Exam.
  • Comply with all professional obligations including the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
  • Prove their competence through ongoing reporting.

​Because physiotherapy is a regulated health-care profession, not only are you ensured quality care, but if a problem with your care should arise, you will be able to report a complaint.

Use our Verify A Physiotherapist feature to confirm you're receiving treatment from a registered physiotherapist.

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