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Accident Rehab

About Our Rehabilitation Program


Provided services include:

  • -Senior Physiotherapist; +25 Years Accident Care
  • -Acupuncture
  • -Pain Psychologist
  • -Kinesiology
  • -Massage Therapy
  • -Direct billing to insurance companies
  • -Personal Patient Care Coordinator
Accident Benefit Forms

If you are hurt in an accident and need to claim the cost of your treatment, you will need to complete and submit a notice of loss and proof of claim form AB-1 and have your healthcare practitioner complete a treatment plan form AB-2 within 10 business days from the date of the accident.

If you are not able to work because of your injuries and want to apply for disability benefits, you must complete the front side of the claim for disability benefits form AB-1A and have your medical doctor complete the other side confirming that you are medically unable to work because of your injuries.

Not sure what to do?

Call us and book an appointment, we will help you complete the necessary forms and help you navigate the system should you require treatment.

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