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Dr. Reive has been a practicing chiropractor for the last 24 years, the bulk of which has been as a Calgary practitioner. After graduating from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, and remaining in the U.S. for two years, Dr. Reive moved his practice back to Calgary to be closer to family.


Prior to attending his chiropractic program, Dr. Reive worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, rendering emergency medical care, basic trauma life support, and transfer to hospital. Dr. Reive also worked as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in private labs throughout Edmonton and Calgary.


Dr. Reive draws on his extensive background to provide the best treatment possible for musculoskeletal conditions and improve the wellness of his patients.


He is very proficient in non-surgical spinal decompression, MedX back and neck rehab, shockwave therapy, active release therapy, and cold laser therapy.


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