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Coverage from Alberta Health Services is offered only to individuals who have recently undergone surgery, sustained a fracture, or are of a certain income level.   

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Ambulatory Community Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy services for people meeting specific criteria in Calgary Zone clinics which are contracted by Alberta Health Services. Must have a valid Alberta Health Care number to access.

This program provides early, limited intervention (3 - 7 visits) for clients that have had a recent decline in their function following musculoskeletal (i.e. muscle/joint) injury or surgery. Physiotherapy treatment and teaching will be offered to help decrease pain, increase strength and flexibility and manage daily activities.

As eligibility requirements differ, an assessment is required to qualify:

  • clients must have a functional need that would be expected to respond to physiotherapy such as stiffness or weakness as a direct result of surgery or fracture.
  • clients must present to the clinic within 12 weeks of injury or surgery.
  • clients are expected to actively participate in their recovery, both at home and in the clinic.
  • clients with functional deficits from general musculoskeletal complaints must qualify under a defined low income category to access funding - information available at each clinic.

Program appropriateness is evaluated at the clinic level through an assessment. A physiotherapist will apply for funding if the client qualifies.

Injuries sustained in work related accidents that are eligible for WCB coverage and injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident are not eligiible for coverage under this program.

Patient Physiotherapy Funding through Alberta Health Services:

  • Post-Operative: For patients recovering from surgery within the last 12 weeks.*
  • Post-Fracture: For patients recovering from fracture within the last 12 weeks.*
  • Post-Procedure: For patients who are post-injection, post-manipulation,
  • Post-nonsurgical, and post-peripheral joint reduction following dislocation.*
    (Assessment and 6 treatments visits per year for the above)
    *Some situations may be approved beyond the 12 week guideline


  •  Income Qualification: Patients whose income threshold falls below $25, 922 annually for a single person.
  • Government Assistance: Patients who are receiving subsidy from a government program, this may include temporary financial hardship.
    (Assessment and 4 treatments visits per year for the above)

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