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Massage Therapist - Elisabeth Temple

About Elisabeth:

Elisabeth graduated from MH Vicars 2200-hour massage therapy program in Calgary of 2018.

She pursued a career in massage after seeing first hand how much it can help with recovery after suffering an injury or having surgery, as well easing pain and discomfort from everyday life.

Elisabeth believes in working with her clients to achieve their short and long-term goals by listening to their concerns, assessing their condition and providing an individualized treatment plan.

Elisabeth is trained in a variety of techniques which she likes to incorporate throughout her treatments, and likes to take a therapeutic approach.

Elisabeth is a registered member with the Canadian Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association (CMMOTA).  For more info: CMMOTA

2200 hours of certified massage therapy training has been achieved so billing for massage treatment services to insurance companies is accepted.  

Outside of work Elisabeth enjoys spending time at the barn with her daughter, exploring the outdoors with her family, learning new things and seeing new places.

Massage treatments:



Deep tissue

Trigger point release

Myofascial release

Manual lymphatic drainage



Cupping therapy

Infant / youth massage

Joint mobilization

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