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Have Your Injury Assessed

Physiotherapists as First Reporters for Soft Tissue Injuries (Sprain/Strain)

For soft tissue injuries, such as a sprain or strain, you can see a physiotheapist first to have your injury assessed.  

For soft tissue injuries (sprain / strain) and in the absence of a physician’s or chiropractor’s first report, the physiotherapist’s assessment report may be sufficient medical evidence to adjudicate a claim. That is assuming that the physiotherapist’s assessment report includes a diagnosis and information about the worker’s level of fitness for work based on objective findings.

This applies only to the adjudication of a claim. All other processes that require a physician’s involvement or opinion are required. (eg. referrals to specialists, diagnostic testing, etc.)

If the physiotherapist suggests that a worker is not fit for work and the adjudicator believes that the opinion of a
physician is necessary, or an employer requests the opinion of a physician, the Adjudicator still has the option of asking the worker to see a physician, or referring the worker for an MSE to obtain a second opinion on fitness for work.

For more information:  Physiotherapists as First Reporters

Source: https://www.wcb.ab.ca/assets/pdfs/providers/HCP_physiotherapists_as_first_reporters.pdf

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